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Welcome to the Necron Hulk! Here you'll find rules for playing Games Workshop's classic (and sadly now out of print) board game of Space Hulk with Necrons.

If you liked the booklets that came with the Space Hulk expansion sets, then I hope that you will like what I have produced here, because I have attempted to produce a booklet exactly along the lines of those produced by Games Workshop to encapsulate the rules for Necrons.

Why? Well because having started getting into Warhammer 40K (my kids made me do it - honest!), I had to choose an army to fight against my kids, and there, before me was the Terminator whole army of Terminator robots!! At once (and admittedly before I had got to play with them in Warhammer!) I resolved to produce some rules so that I could use them in my favourite board game, Space Hulk.

I hope you enjoy using these rules...let me know what you think.

You wil also find other resources on the site such as missions, mission maps, board sections, rules manuals and fonts, links to other Space Hulk resources and a Mission Database which I shall be adding to on a semi-regular basis.

Registering with the site is free, and will allow you to add your own links and rate those already there. In future, I plan to allow registered users to enter their own missions into the database.

Have fun Hulking!